Christmas Service of Remembrance

As we are often asked the question “Why do you host an Annual Christmas Service of Remembrance?’

 Each year of being in the funeral profession our jobs gets harder and harder as we serve many families and sometimes the same family more than once. We watch families go through so much heartache, pain and grief at one of the most difficult times in their lives.  Our clients seem to be getting younger and younger each year, as age is no longer a factor in death. 

We host this Christmas Service of Remembrance because we want you to know that we share your grief and also want you to know that your loved one’s are thought of by us, especially as the holiday season approaches. Our wishes are that you will be able to walk away from our Christmas Service of Remembrance with a light of hope for a brighter tomorrow. As your loved one now walks beside you in spirit.

 The C. H. Boudreau Funeral Home Management and Staff hope that each and everyone who attends this service of remembrance will help you get through the grieving and trying times that death brings upon each and every one of us. 

Please click below to view information and photos from our past events:

Christmas Service of Remembrance 2017

Christmas Service of Remembrance 2018