Service of Remembrance

November 22, 2017


The management and staff at C. H. Boudreau Funeral Home Limited want to Thank You all for attending our Service of Remembrance. Your participation and presence this evening have made this service a very special one for all. We want to express our appreciation to the many volunteers for their time in helping to make this event happen. To  sharing of how they got through the Holidays with the loss of their loved one. To Chuck Boudreau our Master of Ceremonies. Family Sharing by Debbie McNamara and Alana Paon. Beautiful music with Grace Thibeau, Tommy and Shelly Samson along with the beautiful background music by Rosemary McLean while everyone was lighting their candles. We must not forget Mavis Boudreau who did all our calligraphy on the Angels that was presented to the families that we served along with a matching candle. Mavis has always made sure that we were on time and had everything in order. Your undivided attention to our Service of Remembrance throughout the years will not ever be forgotten.

On behalf of the Management and Staff here  at C. H. Boudreau Funeral Home, we wish you and your Family, a most peaceful and blessed Christmas Season.

"Take Your Candle, and light up your world."


Testimonial "Jeanette LeBlanc Sampson"

I would like to say THANK YOU to all the staff at C. H. Boudreau's Funeral Home in Arichat for having such a wonderful Service of Remembrance last night at La Picasse. It was well organized. The food was excellent. Also nice to meet old school friends who lost a loved one as well. It was also nice to see such a large crowd, Norma, you are so good at your job, and the whole crowd appeared to feel the same by the standing ovation you got, It takes STRONG and SPECIAL people to do what you do. The MC, music and family sharing were perfect. Again, I personally "THANK YOU" for everything. GOD BLESS.

Testimonial "Marlene Jeffrey"

Congrats to C. H. Boudreau for a very special evening celebrating the life of dear ones.... a memorable tribute that will forever be remembered by their loved ones.... the music was very touching and the stories very heart wrenching... hoping this will be an event to continue in the future.

Testimonial "Kimberly Ann Fougere"

You guys are wonderful people with big hearts. The service that you provide is not an easy thing to do and it takes very special people to do your job. I can't thank you enough for everything you do. You both are truly Angels here on earth.

Testimonial "Charmaine Boudreau"

Just want to take a moment to commend the amazing staff of C. H. Boudreau Funeral Home for the phenomenal celebration of life they organized tonight. I personally can't thank them enough for all they do. Their professionalism is second  to none.